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Sugar Medical Diabetes Bag Review | The Diabetic Journey

Sugar Medical Diabetes Bag Review

I had the opportunity to try out Sugar Medical’s Avalon diabetes bag. I received a complimentary bag for a review and all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

I’ve been recently looking around for products to help manage my diabetes and came across this amazing company. Sugar Medical was launched in 2009 by a family affected by diabetes. Their mission is to create fashionable, yet functional bags for people with diabetes. What I like the most about Sugar Medical is that they aim to customize bags that suit specific needs and lifestyles. With my lifestyle, being organized and comfortable is what I desire the most.


The Avalon diabetes bag is designed to use with the Omnipod insulin pump system. I use the Omnipod PDM, so this bag definitely caught my eye. The bag is the perfect size and has a fun, appealing design. The bag tightly secures the PDM in place, only without any gel skin. I normally don’t use the gel skin protector, so that wasn’t a problem.

The mesh pocket area is able to contain an extra pod, lancets, or other essentials. My favorite aspect of the bag is the elastic loops where I can place my insulin vial, batteries, lancing device, and test strips. I’m also happy that there is a front pocket area (which I feel is important) so that I’m able to place my medical ID, drivers license, and phone.

I’m very pleased with the Avalon diabetes bag for its style and functionality. I plan to continue to use their products in the future.