Letter to the Newly Diagnosed

To the newly diagnosed

With my diaversary right around the corner, I wanted to write to the newly diagnosed.

To the ones who have just had their world turned completely upside down,

I’ve been where you are.

Scared, overwhelmed, confused, angry. There must have been a mistake, right? I am healthy, I’ve never been sick, I’ve never been in the hospital. Until now. This can’t be right. I don’t even know what type one diabetes is.

But, there wasn’t a mistake. I know how you feel. Every emotion you are feeling right now, I’ve felt.

This time in your life is so fragile. You don’t know how you will ever prick your finger multiple times a day. You’re not sure how you will be able to give yourself shots. You don’t know how to count carbs. & then there is your family. so worried about you & so confused on how to help you cope with this new diagnosis & how to cope themselves.

I’ve to been where you are at this exact moment. I’ve lived it.

At first, everything just seems really unbearable.

You will look at food & scream because you don’t know how many carbs are in your meal & you just want to eat & not worry about insulin or numbers. You will refuse to check your sugar because this just isn’t happening. It can’t be.

You will distance yourself from your friends, because how can you expect them to understand something you don’t even understand yourself. You will be embarrassed to give yourself a shot in public because this is still so fresh & how can others watch you stick yourself when you can hardly bare to watch yourself give an injection. The days seem really hard right now & you will feel like you won’t be your normal self ever again.

You will feel defeated & exhausted.

But trust me when I say, you will find yourself again & you will be okay. This will not break you.

Just keep going. Somehow you will keep going.

You will eventually be able to look at food & know exactly how many carbs are in the meal. You will be able to prick your fingers without flinching. You will make your way back to your friends & they will learn how to help you & they will be your biggest supporters. You won’t think twice about giving yourself an injection in public because you aren’t embarrassed of what you have to do to stay alive anymore.

It will still be hard some days, but you know you will make it through. You will still have bad days, but they will sting a little less. You will make the best of what you’ve been handed. You will learn how to take care of yourself & you will love yourself again, diabetes & all.

You will find that you are far stronger than you ever thought & you are capable of anything.

So I know this seems really scary right now, but you will make it & you will be okay. It may take a little while, but you’re going to be okay. Do not let this define you. You are so much more than this diagnosis.

From someone who has been exactly where you are just hold on,


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