Being a Diabetic Mother Has Made Me The Mother I Am Today

Being a Diabetic Mother has Made me the Mother I Am Today.

diabetic mother

Being a diabetic mother is by far my greatest accomplishment. Knowing that I had three healthy children despite fighting a challenging disease – is absolutely empowering.

When I was diagnosed I remember my own mother asking the doctor “will my daughter be able to have children?” I think that’s a question we all wonder at some point. Is it possible to have a healthy pregnancy? With all the risks involved – it’s a scary concept.

Being a diabetic mother – I’m not only responsible for my own health and well-being to survive. But now I’m responsible for another human life.

It’s changed my whole perspective on the disease. It’s made me accept what I can control. I understand that even though I’m the diabetic – my children are also along for the ride. I’ve been accustomed to take breaks – that in some cases I do have to come first. I know and will always know that I need them just as much as they need me.

It’s definitely been a crazy ride thus far. My daughter understands that my life revolves around “my meters”. She sees me put on my insulin pump, and is intrigued on how I do it with such ease. She can even say “die-betes”. I’m in amazement by how much my children watch what I do. They may not know it, but they’re my biggest fans.

Despite battling this challenging disease- day in a day out. I hope my children can take something away from this – as a lesson in life. That while their mother isn’t perfect – she challenges herself and does the very best that she can. That when their mother could have a thousand reasons to give up – she found three reasons to keep fighting. I want them to know that life isn’t always fair – and even if you fall down, you must get right back up.

My children saved me. I’ve had the best control of my diabetes in my life, every since having children. It’s amazing what you can do when you’re driven by the people that matter the most. Having those beautiful eyes look at me every day – needing my guidance and support. Being a diabetic mother is far from easy.. but so worth it!

diabetic mother

Diabetes has taught me a lot of hard lessons – but through it all it’s also made me the strong mother I am today. I’m so blessed for being a mother today and every day –

Happy Mothers Day!


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