Diabetes Planner Stickers: Stay Organized With Fun Reminders

Diabetes Planner Stickers: Stay Organized With Fun Reminders

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I’m Colleen, a busy mom to 5 sweet kids. My oldest, Nate, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2015, shortly before his 6th birthday. As it typically does, it took our family completely by surprise, and made us extra grateful for great doctors, nurses, and modern technology!

He “graduated” from injections to an insulin pump and got a CGM a few months after diagnosis. While we were SO thrilled to have these things (especially the CGM - a parent’s lifesaver overnight!), it was a lot more to keep track of! The last thing I need is to hear a “Mom, I’m low on insulin and need a site change…” right before we’re walking out the door for the day.

Around that time, the planner sticker bug bit me, and I spent far too many hours on Etsy & Pinterest looking at cute planner layouts and trying to figure out how to organize my life with stickers. I began thinking that it would be SO convenient to have planner stickers in the form of diabetes reminders! But other than a few blood sugar sticker options, I couldn’t find anything at all. So I set about designing my own stickers.

I started off with just the standard pumps/CGMs and added them to my Etsy shop, A Merry Nest, until someone asked me if I could make a “Change Pod” sticker. Since then, I’ve added half a dozen varieties based on special requests. Recently someone asked me if I could do “mini” stickers, and those have become super popular! The standard stickers are 1.5″x0.95″ and fill about half of a standard planner box (such as Erin Condren planners) and the mini are approx. 0.6″x0.8″.

I use them in my “grown-up” planner for my own benefit, and Nate can use them to keep track on our family calendar in the kitchen. For kids who need a little incentive to change their infusion sets (because they can be painful sometimes!), a little sticker chart using these stickers would be perfect. Functional and cute at the same time, these planner stickers can make life with diabetes just a tiny bit easier.

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