I’m a Nursing Student With Type 1 Diabetes

I’m a Nursing Student With Type 1 Diabetes

By: Tiffany-Amber Slabbert

I was diagnosed at the age of 12 and after some very close calls and weeks in the ICU with hyperglycemia. Therefore, I made a vow to myself to never let my autoimmune disease control my life.

I was never treated differently in high school because of my condition. Thankfully, I was always made to feel accepted and our school nurse always ensured I was taking care of my diabetes. And was always there to support me in my highs and lows and all the bits in between.

I never thought that having diabetes could make you any less of a capable of achieving your dreams until I reached university.  With the busy schedule and unbearable amount of stress and expectations we had to endure it came as no surprise when my sugar readings became unstable. To this day I never wanted to be known as “the diabetic student”, but due to unfortunate events it has become my label.

I have had to endure comments such as:

“Are you sure nursing is for you?” “You will always have to put health above others”. “Maybe you should consider a different degree”. These statements infuriated me as I am just as capable of becoming an qualified nurse, as the student who sits next to me with a functioning pancreas.

This label of “diabetic” doesn’t make you any less able to achieve your goals and dreams. This just means you fight harder than the rest to achieve them and you don’t give up easily.

I have always wanted to work in the medical field and it is my dream to become a midwife. And no one nor their ignorant comments will change my mind. Nor will it hinder me on my journey in becoming a midwife.

Never let anyone tell your that you can’t achieve your dreams because of your disease. Go out and prove them wrong!


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