Here’s To Another Year Of Conquering Diabetes

Here's To Another Year Of Conquering Diabetes

Diabetes came into my life unexpectedly and forever changed the course of my journey in this life.

14 years old I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

And I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was 12 years old, being told I had an incurable disease and that my life was going to alter significantly.

I thought it was the end to the future I once envisioned.

I lost a lot that day. I lost peace of mind. I lost security. I lost much of my childhood.

But what I found on this journey is much greater.

I found myself.

Through all of this I’ve been able to grow and now heal.

I always questioned and wondered, “why me?” I wanted answers. I wanted purpose in all of this.

I’ve realized now that it’s always been right there in front of me.

After many years I was able to find myself again.

I had to overcome many obstacles and endure many failures.

But I found my strengths and my weaknesses.

I fought through many of my doubts and fears.

And by the grace of god, I made it through countless near death experiences.

And I was able to finally stand up and take back what’s mine.

My life.

I now have the life that I always hoped for, and even more so.

One thing diabetes has taught me is to appreciate every day for that it’s a gift. I was given a chance to live and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

The beautiful of this life I believe — isn’t getting to one destination. It’s the journey along the way.

It’s about helping people like me who are going through the same thing.

Making a small difference in the world that I once felt was so lonely.

I’m not only a survivor,

I’m a warrior.

Here’s to many more years of conquering diabetes —

Here's To Another Year Of Conquering Diabetes


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