How The Dexcom Has Changed My Life With Diabetes

How The Dexcom Has Changed My Life

How The Dexcom Has Changed My Life With Diabetes

I remember life with diabetes before I had “beeps” and “alarms” going off reminding me that my sugar is (low) and that I need to eat something.

I remember being so blindsided by a low blood sugar, where I’ve gone unconscious.

I remember having to go to bed hoping and praying that I wake up in the morning, and not knowing if my blood sugar would withstand the night.

I remember the fear so vividly, and not just my fear..but my family’s as well.

It wasn’t until a year ago when I started on the Dexcom (CGM) — only a year! That means I’ve gone without a continuous glucose monitor for 13 years with diabetes. And now I can’t imagine living without one.

No — it’s not a cure. I still have a broken pancreas. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic. I still have to count carbs, calculate how much insulin to administer myself and check my blood sugars manually to make sure the Dexcom is giving accurate readings.

But this acts as a “safety net“. So much can happen between normal blood sugars checks. That even a 20 minute period can be a very crucial time for a diabetic. It sometimes can even become a life or death situation if not treated in time.

The Dexcom lets me know where my blood sugar is trending and how quickly. Sending me alerts when it’s dropping or rising rapidly and when it reaches dangerous levels.

This device has changed my life, despite being an imperfect technology system. I can almost guarantee that it has likely saved me from many life-threatening events. While I still have the burden of diabetes on my shoulders, I don’t have the immense amount of fear at all times. I now have some peace of mind where I can be more productive.

Now having a family and children — this device has given me a new life. A better life. A safer life.

While I am fortunate enough to be able to obtain this medical device, this is not the case for every diabetic. I truly believe everyone should have access to this! This is not a want, it’s a dire medical necessity for those who battle diabetes.

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