To the Mothers of Type 1 Diabetics

To the Mothers of Type 1 Diabetics - (A Mother’s Day Post)

It’s often that we hear how heroic people with Type 1 Diabetes are, but it’s not very often that we give thanks to the ones behind the scenes that help us get to where we are today—which include the t1d mothers and fathers.

“This disease takes a team of people to manage it, and when it all seems to be falling apart around us, it’s thanks to you for holding us together.”

We couldn’t do it without the people who love and support us.

So this is for all the mothers of type 1 diabetics:

Thank you-

To all the mothers who’s hearts were shattered into pieces the day you heard the news of diagnosis but told us everything was going to be okay. The mothers who have found and continue to find the strength every day to fight this disease along with us—especially on the days we feel weak. The ones who get up throughout the night and instinctively check our blood sugars to make sure we make it through to the morning.

Mothers who advocate for us and give all of us a voice in this world. The mothers who get up every day exhausted and take on whatever the day brings, just hoping that our day is a little better than the last. The ones who encourage us to reach for the stars and never let diabetes stand in our way.

Mothers that are always checking up on us and letting us know that you care.

The mothers who have to be prepared at all times on how to handle life threatening situations if and when they occur. The one’s who try to stay as calm as possible during difficult moments when deep down you’re breaking.

Mothers who have to fight tooth and nail for authorizations and approvals through insurances; for—prescriptions, doctor visits, medical devices, and insulin. The ones who have to fight back tears when administering insulin, knowing that it’s the only thing keeping us alive. The mothers who always have to plan everything ahead of time. Whether it be our meals, snacks, emergency essentials, making sure insulin dosages, sensor changes, and the list goes on.

Mothers who carry guilt from not knowing if you’re doing a good job - (but believe me you’re doing amazing).

The mothers who are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders; Day in and day out, 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether you’re new to this disease or you’ve been helping manage a type 1 diabetic for many years; what you all have in common is that you are all heroes. You are trying with everything you have at a disease that ultimately cannot be controlled.

You were unexpectedly handed a difficult challenge because you are STRONG enough to endure it. And you rise to the occasion every day without hesitation. There’s really nothing more you can ask for.

Thank you to all the mothers of type 1 diabetics from the bottom of my heart! You are all appreciated more than you know.


A Type 1 Diabetic

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2 thoughts on “To the Mothers of Type 1 Diabetics

  1. This has seriously just made my eyes water a bit 😉 My almost 13 year old has been Type 1 for almost 8 years now. What a seriously lovely post, thank you x

  2. Im a new mom of type 1 diabetic. My daughter has been my strength and I’m her’s. This post brought me to tears….
    Thank u

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